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      Foshan City days Plastic Building Material Co., Ltd. is a professional polycarbonate (PC) sheet advanced engineering development, production and sales of large enterprises. Main: PC Nai Liban【See more】
耐力板厂家 采光瓦 薄壁不锈钢管 铝合金压铸 木纹铝单板 梯形丝杆 陶瓷喷涂 合页 极简玻璃门铝材 水磨石凳 铁艺护栏 铝雕屏风 不锈钢门 佛山冲压加工 不锈钢线条 铝艺大门 伸缩雨棚 铝合金压铸 不锈钢彩色板 316不锈钢管 不锈钢管 五金配件 塑料模具 聚碳酸脂板
Foshan Plastic Building Material Co., Ltd. Guangdong day record: Guangdong ICP No. 063236570
National Service Hotline: 13549998639(Mr.Wang) 13923237563(Mr.Ma)
Address: Beijiao, Shunde District, Foshan City, Xin Village Industrial Zone 17